Briana Baugh

Licensed Texas REALTOR®


Born in Arlington but raised in Fort Worth’s historic North Side, Briana has deep roots in this city that within her, have carved out an appreciation for the unique culture and diversity that this city and this state has to offer. This coupled with her vision for the future, allows her to offer any potential client a myriad of possibilities and advantages when buying a home. With a mind in tune with the new times that are coming, and a heart that is in enamored with history that continues to live on, Briana is the perfect agent to serve those searching for their next dream home, lucrative investment opportunity, or a seller who needs a versatile approach in this real estate market.

Briana is a part of the Perla Realty Group, and is eager to dive into the next promising real estate adventure with new clients. Homeownership is feat that is paramount in her eyes, and she will walk side by side with any client throughout that exciting journey.

When Briana is not in the office or the field hard at work for her clients, she is busy being a dog mom to two fur babies, maintain her physical fitness and heath in peak form, and traveling the globe experiencing the vast cultures of the world.

A quote to remember…Not all those who wander are lost.